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Author Title Notes   Condition
Aldis, Brian W. Bow Down To Nul w/The Dark Destroyers   Fair
Aldis, Brian W. Vanguard From Alpha w/The Changeling Worlds   Fair
Anderson, Poul Let The Spacemen Beware! w/The Wizard of Starship Poseidon   Good, unread
Anderson, Poul Mayday Orbit w/No Man's World 2 copies Fair
Bayley, Barrington J. The Star Virus w/Mask of Chaos   Fair
Brackett, Leigh The Big Jump w/Solar Lottery   Fair 
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Seven From The Stars w/Worlds Of The Imperium   Good
Brunner, John Sanctuary In The Sky w/The Secret Martians   Fair
Brunner, John The World Swappers w/Siege Of The Unseen 2 copies Both Fair
Bulmer, Kenneth No Man's World w/Mayday Orbit 2 copies Fair
Bulmer, Kenneth The Changeling Worlds w/Vanguard From Alpha   Fair
Bulmer, Kenneth The Milllion Year Hunt w/Ships To The Stars   Excellent, unread
Bulmer, Kenneth The Wizard of Starship Poseidon w/Let The Spacemen Beware   Good, unread
Campbell, John W. The Planeteers w/The Ultimate Weapon   Fair
Campbell, John W. The Ultimate Weapon w/The Planeteers   Fair
Chandler, A. Bertram The Rim Gods w/The High Hex   Very Good
Coulson, Juanita Crisis On Cheiron w/The Winds of Gath   Very Good, unread
Dick, Philip K. Solar Lottery w/The Big Jump   Fair
Dickson, Gordon R. Delusion World w/Spacial Delivery   Fair
Dickson, Gordon R. Spacial Delivery w/Delusion World   Fair
Dickson, Gordon R. The Genetic General w/Time To Teleport   Good
Dickson, Gordon R. Time To Teleport w/The Genetic General   Good
Fontenay, Charles L. Rebels of the Red Planet w/200 Years To Christmas   Good
Fontenay, Charles L. Twice Upon A Time w/The Mechanical Monarch   Good
Jakes, John Mask of Chaos w/The Star Virus   Fair
Janifer, Laurence M. and S. J. Treibich The High Hex w/The Rim Gods   Very Good, unread
Koontz, Dean R. Fear That Man w/Toyman   Fair
Laumer, Keith Worlds Of The Imperium w/Seven From The Stars   Good
Leiber, Fritz Ships To The Stars w/The Million Year Hunt   Excellent, unread
Leinster, Murray City On The Moon w/Men On The Moon   Fair, some loose pages
Long, Frank Belknap Space Station #1 w/Empire of the Atom   Fair
McIntosh, J. T. 200 Years To Christmas w/Rebels of the Red Planet   Good
Richmond, Walt and Leigh Gallagher's Glacier w/Positive Charge   Very Good
Richmond, Walt and Leigh Positive Charge w/Gallagher's Glacier   Very Good
Sharkey, Jack The Secret Martians w/Sanctuary In The Sky   Fair
Silverberg, Robert The Silent Invaders w/Battle On Venus   Excellent, unread
Temple, William F. Battle On Venus w/The Silent Invaders   Excellent, unread
Treibich, S. J. and Laurence M. Janifer The High Hex w/The Rim Gods   Very Good, unread
Tubb, E. C. The Mechanical Monarch w/Twice Upon A Time   Good
Tubb, E. C. The Winds of Gath w/Crisis On Cheiron   Very Good, unread
Tubb, E. C. Toyman w/Fear That Man   Fair
Van Vogt, A. E. Empire of the Atom w/Space Station 3!   Fair
Van Vogt, A. E. Siege Of The Unseen w/The World Swappers 2 copies Both Fair
Wellman, Manly Wade The Dark Destroyers w/Bow Down To Nul   Fair
Wollheim, Donald A. Men On The Moon w/City On The Moon   Fair, some loose pages