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Festival 1987

March Program Guide

In the summer of 1987 a group of local musicians decided that it would be fun to have an annual "Folk Festival." The festival would feature Alaskan musicians performing acoustic music. KUAC's Any Old Time volunteers wanted to broadcast live from the festival during their 2 hour Saturday evening slot. Jim Schneider insisted that the house sound mix would not be suitable for broadcast and if they wanted to broadcast from the site they'd need to take the stations portable mix board as well as a pair of remote transmitters for stereo and a lot of other equipment. And that entailed far too much work for just 2 hours, so let's do all three days!!! And thus began a continuing involvement between KUAC and the Summer Folk Fest. The Schneider's donated the use of their class C motorhome to serve as the broadcast booth. Jim would load up the equipment Friday afternoon, drive to the site and set up in time for that evenings performances. He stayed on site until the festival ended on Sunday evening. The equipment included the mix board, transmitters, two digital tape machines and one cassette machine which was used to make a copy for the performers on the spot. Over the years many volunteers helped out with the festival doing the mix, logging the tapes and making sure that each performer had a copy of their performance when it was over.
It was a lot of work but provided the most fun I had in radio. I loved doing live broadcasts. JOS
1987 Summer Folk Festival

There were two sets of pictures in the archives for which I have no point of reference, although both events were important at the time. The first is for a program called "Alaska's Constitutional Review." The second was for a program called "Creating The Image of ANWR".

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